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PVC Celluka board is thr commonly known product in the global market for various furniture applications. As one of the important products in Sarvesh range of product is PVC Celluka board in a brand name of WHITEWOOD. It is available in single layer, printed and designer range. PVC celluka board is the new geneation product replacing the plywood, MDF and even acrylic surface for various application based on cost and quality.

PVC Celluka boards are available with matt and semi gloss finishes and in various printed and laminated colours. A fine surface with diffrent colors - including white, red and brown gives PVC board a unique look with each panel. PVC Celluka board can be surface decorated with HPL, Venner, PVC film, PVC Edgebend and coated, Painted with oil and other conventional paints with PVC printer application.

For sandwich construction in higher thickness application, PVC boards can be pasted with each other with pvc solvent cements fro creating thickness formation like 36mm, 72mm etc, Apart from that, PVC can be used with any tradtional or modern carpentry and machines, respectively.

Celluka board is a product having it own space in panel furniture industry, distinguishing itself with unique mouldable properties. Celluka board made with PVC as a core material can be processed with various panel processing machines, as well with wood working machaneries. Celluka board can be cut, drill route, mould and plane, similar like plywood and MDF boards. These boards can be painted and coated also.

Interior Application

  • Modualr Kitchen
  • Partitions
  • Home & Office Furniture
  • Wall Paneling
  • Ceiling Solutions
  • Nature & Hygiene
  • Wardrobes
  • Industrial Sections
  • Control Cabinet & Panels
  • Bathroom Cabinet

Exterior Application

  • Construction / Shuttering Boards
  • Garden Furniture & Fencing
  • Pre Fabricated Doors
  • Other Exterior Application

For Advertisements

  • Sign Boards
  • Display Boards
  • Direct Digital Printing
  • Exibition Stands & Graphics
  • Single Layer Boards
  • Printed and Laminated Boards


2440 mm X 1220 mm (8 x 4)ft


5mm    12mm    18mm


5mm    6mm    8mm    12mm    15mm    17mm    18mm

Properties Values Test Method
Density 0.49 -0.55* D-792
Water Absorption 0.28 D-570
Flexural Modulus 700 - 1100 D-790
Hardness 78 - 84 Shore D
Izod Impact strength 30 - 66 D-265
Heat Deflection Temperature(H.D.T) 58 - 61 D-648
Vicat Softening Temperature 75 - 77 D-1525
Coefficient of liner thermal expansion 6.7 x 10 -5 D-696
Thermal Conductivity 0.07 C-177
White Index 90 D-792
Surface Resistance 5 - 1015 D-257
Volume Resistance 2 x 1016 D-257

Colors Boards

Color board available at 5 mm, 12 mm, 18 mm thickness, 0.55 & above density Available size - 8' x 4'

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